15 November 2013

What follows is the code for the webserver running at Suave.IO

exec fsharpi --exec $0 --quiet

#r "suave.dll"

open Suave.Types
open Suave.Web
open Suave.Http
open System
open System.Net

let app : WebPart = 
    choose [
       Console.OpenStandardOutput() |> log >>= never;
       url_regex "(.*?)\.(fsx|dll|mdb|log)$" >>= FORBIDDEN "Access denied.";
       GET >>= choose [ url "/" >>= file "index.html"; browse ];
       NOT_FOUND "Found no handlers." 

let config = 
    { default_config with
       bindings = [ { scheme = HTTP ; ip = IPAddress.Parse "" ; port   = 80us } ]
       timeout = TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds 3000.

web_server config app

On Linux I lauch the script with something like this

nohup fsharpi WebApp.fsx > web.log &

I ran a load test against Suave.IO with Load Impact; this is the resulting graph. Note how the response time stays constant as the number of client connections increases.

Load Impact Chart

And the corresponding resource usage graph of the Extra Small VM (Shared Core, 768 MB memory) on Azure running it.

Resource Usage Graph

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